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Updates: Emergency lighting

We promised you regular updates about the development of emergency lighting in DIALux evo and we are happy to share some news with you again. The goal is still to make it easy and intuitive to use, so that you can quickly get the results you want. To make this happen, we actively involve experts in the development. For the upcoming version DIALux evo 10 we are still working intensively on this and can already present you some new intermediate results.

Emergency lighting icons in CAD

In DIALux evo 10, luminaires that are involved in emergency lighting are marked with a small icon. This way you can quickly identify emergency luminaires at a glance.

Effect of emergency lighting in real time

With the new emergency lighting DIALux evo offers the possibility to display the direct lighting effect of luminaires on escape routes and anti-panic areas. The display is in real time with up to ten neighboring luminaires. Values and colors are of course configurable. Currently we are working on the performance and the representation of the involved luminaires.


An important part of the development for emergency lighting is of course the standard-compliant calculation. Many special settings are required, e.g. the number of calculated reflections and the consideration, or not, of furniture. The possibility to calculate single light scenes separately will save you a lot of time during optimization.


The calculation is finished, but the result does not yet provide the required values. Where is still a lack of illuminance, why is my uniformity not as it should supposed to be? In DIALux evo 10, this is no longer a problem. If desired, the CAD jumps to the affected points. The annoying search for minimum values is no longer necessary.