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DIALux Pro

Increase your efficiency and speed up your workflow

Experience a new dimension in lighting design that optimises your planning process. With easy layout customisation and export of project data to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can efficiently create documentation and presentations. Thanks to Open BIM, you can import and export IFC files to save time and use the new "Unlock Non-Members" feature to design with luminaires from manufacturers who are not DIALux Members. Available as a subscription for €29.99 per month*.

*Discounts available for regions, annual licences or the purchase of multiple licences, see: DIALux Pricing.

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Feature 1

Open BIM

Now, import 3D building models directly into DIALux, eliminating the need for manual geometry creation. This efficiency means you can jump right into lighting design. Once done, export your planning result as a 3D lighting model (BIM/IFC).

Feature 2


Receive your documentation with just one click in different formats like *.ppt, *.docx, *.xml, *.csv. You can easily edit your data in the workflow, save a lot of time and manual work.

Feature 3


Use your corporate design within the documentation of DIALux evo and stand out from the crowd. Create your own layout specifications.

Feature 4

Unlock Non-Members

You can use luminaires from manufacturers who are not DIALux Members in your lighting design projects. It can also be purchased as a separate feature, see DIALux Subscriptions.

Your benefits


As an all-in-one package, DIALux Pro brings together different features to streamline your entire lighting design process.

Subscription model

DIALux Pro is available through a cost-effective subscription model at only €29.99 per month. Try the Pro version free for 30 days.

Optimised workflow

DIALux Pro simplifies the planning process, accelerates your workflow, increases your efficiency and improves your effectiveness.

Will DIALux Pro be expanded in the future?

The DIALux Pro version will be extended in the future with more Pro features. However, we are not yet in a position to give a specific timetable or features.

Can I try DIALux Pro for free?

You can try the DIALux Pro version free of charge for 30 days. When you click on the Pro feature "IFC Import" in the DIALux evo start screen, a window will open where you can activate the trial feature.

How much does DIALux Pro cost?

Depending on the region you work in, the price for a monthly subscription is between €19.99 and €29.99 per month and for an annual subscription between €219.99 and €329.99 per year. In addition, we offer further discounts when purchasing multiple licences. You can find all information here: DIALux Pricing

How can I buy DIALux Pro?

The Pro version can be purchased directly from DIALux by going to the subscription purchase page. Once the DIALux Pro version is activated, the Pro features can be used directly in DIALux. Please note that you must first register to obtain a DIALux ID. Alternatively, you can purchase the Pro version directly from

Can I cancel a monthly contract?

Monthly contracts can be cancelled within that period. It is also possible to purchase an annual licence which can be cancelled at any time. Cancellation will only take effect at the end of the year and will be charged for a full year.

Can I manage multiple licences as an Admin or Reseller?

It is possible to purchase multiple licences on These can then be distributed to specific users. These users must have a verified DIALux ID.

I have already purchased DIALux Pro features in the past, are these contracts still valid?

Previous contracts remain valid and can be cancelled, but it is not possible to take them out again.

I have been able to import IFC files into DIALux evo. Will this only be possible with DIALux Pro in the future?

The beta phase of IFC import has been completed. From now on, the import of IFC files will only be available in the Pro version.

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