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DIALux is the software for your professional lighting design


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Plan, calculate and visualize lighting for indoor and outdoor areas. From entire buildings and individual rooms to parking spaces or road lighting. Create a unique atmosphere with real luminaires of our DIALux members and convince your client with an individual lighting project.


Whatever project you are planning, DIALux offers you a multitude of features and functions

Indoor areas

Plan light for complex architecture. From entire buildings with several floors to single rooms

Outdoor areas

Plan individual outdoor scenes like green areas, paths, parking spaces or road lighting

In- & Exterior

See how interior lighting affects the exterior and how exterior planning affects the interior

Artificial & Daylight

Combine artificial and daylight for different light scenes and create a unique atmosphere

Light distribution

Get information about the light distribution by means of value graphics and false colors


Plan your project considering important requirements such as current standards

DIALux supports you and your workflow with easy handling and helpful features

Single rooms

Define a room via interior contour. DIALux creates the walls automatically. This saves time and you can quickly normatively evaluate individual rooms.

Import image files

You don't have an architectural plan? Just import images files as *.jpg, *bmp or *.png or use screenshots from services like Google Maps to create your plan true to scale.

Real products

Our DIALux members offer their products for your digital design workflow in DIALux.
Receive product information, photometric data and 3D models.

Send inquiries regarding luminares

DIALux members can offer you an additional service. You can send brands an enquiry directly from DIALux: a general, a product or a non-binding price enquiry. The luminaire manufacturer receives your enquiry in the form of an e-mail from us and will contact you via your preferred channel (e-mail, telephone, video call...).


Present your lighting design with a meaningful documentation. With a clear and understandable presentation you will convince your customer immediately.

Emergency lighting

With DIALux evo you can plan escape routes, determine anti-panic areas and calculate emergency lighting scenes with just a few clicks. DIALux evo is based on the EN 1838 2019-11 standard for escape routes.

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DIALux is free and open

Use the software for personal, educational and commercial purposes. Find out why DIALux is free of charge. We explain our business model and will certainly answer some obvious questions.

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For those who want even more:
Expand DIALux with special functions
– flexible in a monthly subscription


The DIALux Pro Features


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Design the issues in your corporate design and stand out from the crowd. Create your own layout specifications.

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Receive your documentation with just one click in different formats like *.ppt, *.docx, *.xml, *.csv

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Learn DIALux

We show you how to work with the software. In our Academy you will find tutorials, seminars and online courses for beginners and advanced users – also free of charge.

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DIALux Mobile

DIALux is also available as a free app for your smartphone or tablet. Carry out your light planning of an interior space directly on site.

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Trust in DIALux

More than 750K active users per month find that DIALux makes their workflow easier and more effective.


DIALux is free of charge for educational and commercial use. No hidden fees


DIALux is available in 25 languages, making it easy to work on projects beyond national borders

Worldwide network

Join the DIALux community and benefit from 750,000 experienced DIALux users worldwide