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Lighting design made easy with DIALux

Design, calculate and visualise light for indoor and outdoor areas. With DIALux you can create individual rooms, multi-storey buildings, paths, car parks and streets. Use real luminaires provided by DIALux Members and bring your project to life.

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We simplify lighting design for you:
DIALux is the world's leading software for lighting design. Available in 26 languages, free of charge and tailored to your needs.

DIALux evo

Design, calculate and visualise indoor, outdoor, street and emergency lighting. Work with 2.5 million luminaires from our 403 DIALux Members. The free version of DIALux evo gives you all the tools you need to create stunning lighting solutions.

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DIALux Pro

Discover the unlimited possibilities of lighting design with DIALux Pro. Our advanced version of DIALux evo is designed to speed up your workflow and increase your productivity. DIALux Pro supports you with a wealth of additional features and is constantly being expanded. Available to subscribe.

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