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DIALux Certification

Show your expertise in lighting design with DIALux

A DIALux certification validates your advanced skills in lighting design. Get hired, stand out in your career, and add your badge to your DIALux evo projects.

Your benefits

Professional validation

Demonstrate your mastery of DIALux evo by obtaining your official certificate. It's more than a piece of paper; it's a proof of your skills and knowledge in lighting design.

Win over clients

In the competitive world of lighting design, credibility is key. Your certification becomes a mark of trust that identifies you to your clients as a reliable and competent professional.

Career Advancement

Looking for a new job or want to advance your career? A DIALux evo certification can be your ticket to success. Stand out from the crowd with your official credentials.

Levels of DIALux Certification

We offer two different levels to certify your planning skills with DIALux evo.

DIALux Certified Planner

Entry level | 60 min exam

The DIALux Certified Planner certification demonstrates solid knowledge in lighting design with DIALux evo for interior and exterior spaces (excl. road lighting) and covers the complete lighting design workflow.

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DIALux Certified Expert

Advanced level | 60 min exam + project analysis

Demonstrate your in-depth DIALux evo modelling and documentation capabilities for either interior or exterior lighting. Prove your knowledge in planning, evaluating and optimizing lighting installations.

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Show your credentials

Official Listing

You will be added to our official listing of certified DIALux professionals, which is publicly available at

Personalized Certificate

Download and print your personal certificate immediately after completing the exam.

Badge in DIALux evo

Include a badge with your photo in DIALux evo reports with a direct link to our official listing.

Prepare for certification

Free DIALux evo basic course

In our free DIALux evo basic course you will gain valuable insights and practical experience with the basic functions of DIALux evo. We provide videos, project files and plans for you to download.

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Prepare for certification

Official seminars and online courses

Learn everything about lighting design and technology and how to apply this knowledge in DIALux evo. Develop your skills in planning, evaluating and optimizing lighting installations.

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Prepare for certification

DIALux Certified Trainers in your area

On-site seminars on DIALux evo are held all over the world. With our DIALux Certified Trainers, you can learn DIALux evo in your area and in your local language.

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How long is my certification valid?

The certification has no expiry date but is always linked to the DIALux evo version that you used for the certification. We therefore recommend that you repeat certification after a certain period of time, as DIALux evo is regularly updated with new functions.

How much does a certification cost?

Two certification levels are currently available. The first level (DIALux Certified PLanner) costs a one-off fee of €95, the second level (DIALux Certified Expert) costs a one-off fee of €189.

Do I need a DIALux Pro subscription for certification?

No, the exams only relate to features that are available in the free version of DIALux evo.

Are the exams held on-site or online?

All exams are online and can be taken at any time on our learning platform.

What requirements should I be aware of?

Make sure you have an active DIALux ID and please note that you must have at least DIALux evo 12 installed before you start the certification process.

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