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DIALux Certified Expert

Prove yourself as a DIALux Certified Expert and demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of DIALux evo for architectural lighting.

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About this certification

Demonstrate your in-depth DIALux evo modelling and documentation capabilities for interior and exterior lighting. Prove your knowledge in planning, evaluating and optimizing lighting installations. You can complete this certification with a focus on interior lighting or outdoor lighting (60/40).

Prerequisite skills

To successfully complete as a DIALux Certified Expert, you typically need substantial practical planning experience in a professional environment. You need an in-depth understanding of the following domains:


Lighting design

Calculation and analysis



A prior certification as DIALux Certified Planner is recommended, but not required.

Exam details

Before starting the exam, you can choose whether you want to be certified with a focus on indoor or outdoor lighting (60/40). The exam itself is divided into two parts.



Part 1: Multiple-choice questions

The first part of the exam consists of 15 multiple-choice questions relating to the six domains mentioned above. All questions are designed to be answered without access to DIALux evo.

Time limit

60 minutes


Multiple choice, 15 questions


English or German


No access to DIALux evo required

Part 2: Analysis of a lighting design project

In the second part of the exam, you must analyze an existing planning project in DIALux evo and answer 15 questions about it.

Time limit

90 minutes


Analyze project and answer 15 questions


Englisch or German


Access to DIALux evo 12.0 Patch 2 (or higher) required

Showcase your achievements

DIALux credentials help you stand out to hiring managers and prove yourself to your clients as a reliable and competent professional. They differentiate you in a competitive market and support your personal brand by emphasizing in-demand industry knowledge.

Official Listing

You will be added to our official listing of certified DIALux professionals, which is publicly available at

Personalized Certificate

Download and print your personal certificate immediately after completing the exam.

Badge in DIALux evo

Include a badge with your photo in DIALux evo reports with a direct link to our official listing.

What is the exam format and what types of questions are on the exams?

The exam is divided into two separate parts. The first part consists of 15 multiple-choice questions relating to the six areas of construction/modelling, lighting equipment, calculation and analysis, export, and documentation.
In the second part of the exam, you must analyze an existing planning project in DIALux evo and answer 15 questions about it.

Do I need a DIALux Pro subscription for certification?

No, the exam only relates to features that are available in the free version of DIALux evo.

Is the exam held on-site or online?

The exam is held online and can be taken at any time on our learning platform.

What requirements should I be aware of?

Make sure you have an active DIALux ID and please note that you must have at least DIALux evo 12 installed before you start the certification process.

How long is my certification valid?

The certification has no expiry date but is always linked to the DIALux evo version that you used for the certification. We therefore recommend that you repeat certification after a certain period of time, as DIALux evo is regularly updated with new functions.

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