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Pricing for DIALux Subscriptions

Use DIALux evo with all the core functions free of charge for professional lighting design. Expand your workflow and productivity with our subscriptions.


Plan with over 2.5 million luminaires from 403 DIALux Members.

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€ 0.00

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Unlock Non-Members

Enable luminaires from other manufacturers for your lighting design with DIALux evo.

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€ 5.99 - € 9.99/month*

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* Price depends on the region you work in 
* Get a discount when you buy an annual subscription 


Use all features of DIALux evo for your lighting design and speed up your workflow.

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€ 19.99 - € 29.99/month*

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* Price depends on the region you work in 
* Get a discount when you buy an annual subscription 
* Get a discount on multiple subscriptions 

Overview: Benefits and features

Choose the subscription that meets your needs.

DIALux evo
 Free+ Unlock Non-MembersPro
Plan with over 2.5 million luminaires from 403 DIALux members
Plan with luminaires from other manufacturers 
Verification of international norms and standards
Indoor and outdoor lighting
Emergency lighting
Road lighting
Energy assessment
Import and export of DWG
Import and export of IFC  
Export of PPT, XLS, DOC  
Customised report layout  
Price for monthly subscriptionRegion 1 €09.99/month29.99/month
Region 2 5.99/month19.99/month
Price for annual subscriptionRegion 1109.99/year329.99/year*
Region 265.99/year219.99/year
Discount when purchasing multiple licences 

*The new, reduced price for the DIALux Pro annual subscription (previously €359 plus VAT) will be automatically applied to existing subscribers with the next billing period.


The pricing of our subscriptions is divided into two regions and takes economic conditions into account. The region is always based on your location as a planner and is determined automatically when you purchase.

Region 1Europe, North America, Middle East, Oceania, South Korea, Japan, Singapore
Region 2Asia (excl. South Korea, Japan, Singapore), South America, (incl. Latin America), Africa

Quantity discount

If you purchase multiple subscriptions of DIALux Pro, we offer you a quantity discount. We do not offer a discount for the "Unlock Non-Members" subscription.


DIALux Pro subscription price



Monthly subscription

Annual subscription


Region 1

Region 2

Region 1

Region 2

1. – 4.

€ 29.99

€ 19.99

€ 329.99

€ 219.99

= 0%

5. – 10.

€ 24.99

€ 15.99

€ 279.99

€ 179.99

≈ 15%

From 11

€ 19.99

€ 13.99

€ 229.99

€ 149.99

≈ 30%

For example, if you buy 15 monthly subscriptions for your planning office, the calculation would be as follows: Four subscriptions at €29.99 each + six subscriptions at €24.99 each + five subscriptions at €19.99, totalling €369.85 per month (plus VAT).

All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.