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Become a certified DIALux evo basic user

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Certificates can be very helpful. Publish the certificate on your website to convince people of your skills or use it as proof of qualification for a new job.

Answer 20 multiple-choice questions and receive 1 point for each correct answer. You need 12 out of 20 points to pass the exam.

Please note: There are questions with only one correct answer and some with multiple correct answers. Only if the question is answered completely correctly, you will receive one point. You have a total of two attempts.


If you are not sure how to use DIALux evo, take our free DIALux evo basic course.
The video lessons marked coming soon and n/a are not part of the test.

Feel free to start directly with the test if you are an expert in the various subject areas.

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After passing the test, you can download the official certificate and logo for the certified DIALux evo basic user.