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Update: We answer your most common questions

March 1st is approaching and here is an update on your most frequently asked questions. Thank you very much for your contributions in theDIALux Community or on LinkedIn. Here we have summarized and answered the most frequent questions from you.


Why will it only be possible to use luminaires from DIALux Members in the free version of DIALux evo?

We want to finance and develop DIALux evo in a future-proof way. The development of DIALux evo is funded 98 % by fees from lighting manufacturers, our DIALux Members. These manufacturers are members with us because DIALux planners around the world gain access to their products. Unfortunately, we are increasingly seeing manufacturers foregoing membership and still trying to benefit from DIALux. Therefore, we have decided to limit the free version of DIALux evo to products of our members. At the same time, we are expanding our memberships for manufacturers to include a cost-effective regional variant to enable every lighting manufacturer to join (DIALux Bronze Membership).
Our goal is to significantly increase the number of members. On the one hand, this will make even more luminaires available for planning in the free version and, on the other, we will secure the long-term financing of DIALux evo.


Are you succeeding with your goal of winning more manufacturers as DIALux Members?

Since the beginning of the year, our membership base has grown to include 34 Bronze, 9 Silver, and 3 Gold members, bringing our total from 163 to an impressive 209 (as of 2024-02-16). This growth directly benefits you, our users. More members mean more resources for development, more diverse products for your projects, and a robust, evolving DIALux evo. We are committed to developing DIALux evo in ways that serve your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations.


Will there be other features that will be restricted in the free version of DIALux evo starting March 1, 2024?

No, the only change is the described restriction to luminaires from DIALux Members. All other functions remain unaffected. You can find an overview of prices and features here: DIALux subscriptions.


Can I still plan relevantly with a free version?

In the free version of DIALux evo, you have access to a selection of over 2.5 million luminaires from our 209 DIALux Members. All well-known manufacturers worldwide are represented here and provide you with high-quality data. The functional scope of DIALux evo remains unchanged.


What can I do if I want to continue using luminaires from other manufacturers?

If you want to use luminaires from other manufacturers without restrictions, you can either subscribe to DIALux Pro or purchase the "Unlock-Non Members" subscription. You can find an overview of prices and features here: DIALux subscriptions.


Why do I still see the label "Not yet a member" instead of the manufacturer's name, even though I bought a subscription?

We need to correct the behavior of DIALux evo with a new version. With the upcoming version DIALux evo 12.1, the manufacturer's name will be displayed correctly. We will release the update shortly and it will include further functional improvements that will be available in both the free and Pro versions.


Do you offer any discounts on subscriptions?

Yes, we do! We offer three discount options for our subscriptions. Firstly, in addition to the monthly licence, you can purchase an annual licence at a reduced price. Secondly, we offer reduced prices for certain geographical regions. Thirdly, we offer you a discount when purchasing multiple subscriptions. You can find an overview of prices and discounts here: DIALux subscriptions.


How are membership fees and subscription revenues used?

DIAL GmbH, the company behind DIALux based in Germany, reinvests 100 % of the income from manufacturer membership fees and user subscriptions into the development of DIALux evo. Directly involved in the development are 29 software developers (including Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Development Manager), two designers, four testers in quality management, and three colleagues in support. In addition, there is marketing, sales, and administration.


How many manufacturers are actually used in DIALux evo?

Up to now, the use of luminaires in DIALux evo was not restricted. As a result, manufacturers who were not members and therefore did not contribute to development also benefited from DIALux. In 2023, we identified products from around 5,000 large and small manufacturers worldwide in DIALux evo. These include brands from which in some cases 70,000 or more products are planned per month. And it is precisely this advantage that we want to make available only to DIALux Members.