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Save energy in your lighting projects with DIALux evo 11 [coming soon]

Have you ever wondered if it is worthwhile to control a lighting system according to daylight? With our latest version DIALux evo 11, which will be released in a few weeks, you can find out very easily.

For each of your plans, it will show you approximately how much energy you could save.

The speedometer is meant to help you decide if it's worth taking a closer look at the question. For this purpose we have built a new tool for you. You place a sensor in your DIALux project in the room, set how the room should be used and determine which luminaires should be excluded from the control – and you're ready to go!

For every hour and every day of the year, the daylight coming in through the windows is determined and the amount of artificial light that needs to be added to achieve the required illuminance is calculated. The result then shows you how much energy, CO2 and money you will save per year if you schedule a regulation.

Sounds complicated and time-consuming? But it isn't! The highlight of our development is that you can calculate it all in a few seconds. Interactive graphics make the result plausible and comprehensible. You can see for each day of the year, which daylight will be available and how much artificial light has to be controlled.

You can rely on the results: The algorithms are the result of a multi-year research project with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics.