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Now available for download – DIALux evo 10

The time has come – with DIALux evo 10 the latest version of our lighting design software is available for download free of charge.

Among others, the following new features await you:

  • Emergency lighting: With DIALux evo 10 you can plan escape routes, determine anti-panic areas and calculate emergency lighting scenes with just a few clicks.
  • You want to save space in your documentation? No problem, have your results displayed in a reduced view and use the more compact layout alternative of the luminaire layout plan.
  • Easier control of colored lights in your lighting scenes: See at a glance which slider you should use to control the different light colors.


Download DIALux evo  Version history ›

Emergency lighting

With DIALux evo 10, you can now easily plan and calculate emergency lighting scenes.

DIALux evo 10 is based on the EN 1838 2019-11 standard for escape routes. In your planning, escape routes can cross and thus be combined to form complex escape routes. Each section can also be easily assigned its own width. There is one anti-panic area per room/area with a freely definable border zone.

We have also added a new tool for emergency luminaires. It contains field lines and single arrangements as well as special settings for emergency luminaires, which make planning especially easy for you.

Any luminaire can be used for emergency lighting. The manufacturer can define light emission areas that are specifically intended for emergency lighting. This information is used by DIALux evo. Otherwise you can make the settings easily by yourself. You can set luminous flux or emergency lighting factor, and the two values are converted into each other. For each light emitting surface you can define whether it should be used only for emergency lighting, only for normal lighting or for both cases.

Each luminaire you place in the Emergency Lights tool is automatically added to the emergency lighting scene. The lighting scene is created automatically. The luminaires are automatically grouped by type and lighting properties – you can easily create your own groups. A click on the emergency lighting group selects the luminaires of this group in the CAD. Luminaires that are assigned to the emergency lighting scene are marked with a small symbol.

You can also insert luminaires automatically on anti-panic surfaces. DIALux evo places enough luminaires to achieve the required illuminance and uniformity. 

The effect of emergency lighting in real time
With the new emergency lighting DIALux evo offers the possibility to display the direct lighting effect of luminaires on escape routes and anti-panic areas. The display is in real time with up to ten neighboring luminaires. Values and colors are of course configurable.

The calculation is complete, but the result does not yet provide the required values. Where is there still a lack of illuminance, why is my uniformity not right? In DIALux evo 10, this is no longer a problem. If desired, the CAD jumps to the affected points. The annoying search for minimum values is no longer necessary.


More compact layout alternative of the luminaire layout plan
In DIALux evo 10 you can select the more compact layout and set it as a favorite. This provides you with a variant in which the luminaire location plan is displayed much more compactly by reducing the display to the coordinates of the luminaires. On average, you save about 50 % of the paper per luminaire layout.

Alternative cover
In addition, we have also created an alternative cover page. In the future you will receive a variant without images and with addresses.

Light scenes

Colored sliders for color-changing luminaires
For color-changing luminaires, DIALux evo now colors the sliders accordingly. This helps you to recognize the right slider at first sight and to adjust the color channels of luminaires more easily.

Download DIALux evo 10 free of charge