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Norms Update with DIALux evo 11

With the upcoming version we provide you with the update for the latest version of the EN 12464-1:2021-11, but you can still choose between the previous version from 2011 and the new one from 2021. Both versions work in parallel. This ensures that DIALux does not change normative settings when loading projects of version 2011. The tables from section seven of the norm are of course stored in DIALux.

Selection of the profile
At the room (area) you can select the usage profile as usual. With the update, we have visualized the topic normative settings more clearly for you. The content is grouped thematically. The profiles are sorted by their reference numbers. This simplifies the selection for you.

Calculation areas
If you use visual task areas, room main surfaces and activity areas, their nominal values are then based on the selected profile.

Glare evaluation
The glare for rooms (areas) is calculated according to the tabular procedure shown in CIE 117 and compared with the so-called R(ugl), the highest allowed glare.

News for Italian street lighting designers
Good news also for lighting designers in Italy: Street design gets an update. With DIALux evo 11 it is now possible to calculate the ratings additionally with IPEA* and IPEI*. You can now simply add these via a checkbox. The results are of course also shown in the documentation.