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Ligman relies on DIALux evo for the lighting design of the LANTERN Building

On the way into the city from Bangkok's main Suvarnabhumi Airport, an exceptionally illuminated office building, the LANTERN Building, catches your eye. Now, the headquarters of LIGMAN company has been given an even more radiant effect thanks to a new lighting design. The lighting designer explains how he created the design with DIALux evo.

The facade of the LANTERN building had to be renewed in 2021 because the three full floors of glass were exposed to direct sunlight and heat throughout the day. This was not only a burden for the employees, but also unfavorable from an energy-saving point of view.

The design team therefore proposed a perforated aluminum façade to cover and protect the building during the day. To match this, the right lighting concept was also needed.

When asked about it, LIGMAN's designer replied,


„I want to communicate with people by using colored light to create a good ambience and create a nice moment for passersby.“

The semi-gloss, cool gray cladding with laser-cut circular holes that mimic ripples on the water's surface helps enhance the lighting design of this unique façade element.

„I started the design and lighting calculations using DIALux lighting design software. The visual simulations allowed us to get a feel for the end result without having to build complex models to see the lighting effects.“

By using wide-beam fixtures (97 in total) to backlight the perforated façade, in combination with lighting control, the LANTERN Building can implement a range of colored lighting scenes for various seasonal and festive occasions.

„Our challenge was to stay as close to the design as possible while achieving a clean look. At night, we wanted the lighting to be soft and in keeping with the design, but during the day, we didn't want the lights, cords or other equipment to be visible.“

As seen in the photos, the linear floodlights are neatly integrated into the façade structure and illuminate the third, fourth and fifth floors of the building.

The linear floodlights feature the latest RGBTW technology, which provides precise color temperature selection in addition to full RGB color change capability in addition to Tunable White.


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