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Introducing: DIALux Pro

Today we are adding a paid variant to our free DIALux version: Introducing DIALux Pro. This enhanced version, particularly in the area of data interfaces, allows for a significant increase in productivity and efficiency. It simplifies the import of data into DIALux for planning and the export of planning results for use in other software or processes.

DIALux Pro bundles all previously released DIALux Pro Features into one package and is supplemented with the function to import and export IFC files in DIALux evo 12. DIALux Pro is now available for subscription at a price of €29.99 per month, as you are already used to with the Pro Features. More details about DIALux Pro can be found here.

Lighting design with DIALux remains free of charge

Don't worry, DIALux evo remains free of charge. You can continue to plan, calculate, and create normative verifications with DIALux evo without any cost. You can continue to download DIALux evo without restriction and install it as usual. The Pro version features are activated using your DIALux ID. The free download for DIALux evo is available here as always.

DIALux is the software for lighting designers

Revenues from the Pro subscriptions are reinvested directly into the further development of DIALux. In this way, we ensure the future of DIALux and its continuous improvement. We aim to involve you, our community, even more deeply in this process and look forward to your active participation. Learn more about our community here.

The financing model of DIALux

Many of you ask how we can offer DIALux for free. Behind DIALux stands a team of approximately 80 developers, engineers, designers, and architects dedicated to software advancement. Our primary source of income is membership fees from lighting manufacturers, our DIALux members, who present their products in DIALux. Now DIALux Pro subscriptions complement this funding. Both revenue streams are entirely invested in software development. Detailed information about our business model can be found here.

Next Steps

You can subscribe to DIALux Pro right away or initially test it free of charge for 30 days. We will continually refine the newly released IFC import feature and look forward to your feedback. We trust that you will find the new features immensely valuable. Enjoy discovering them!