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»I personally love how easy it is to establish interior design projects«

We are in regular contact with DIALux users from all over the world. This time we interviewed Heath Kelly from the USA. He tells us how he works with DIALux as a lighting designer at Hubbell Lighting. The special thing: Hubbell Lighting uses an OEM version of DIALux called LiteProDLX. This includes the same functions as DIALux evo but is tailored to the needs of the manufacturer.

Heath Kelly

Heath, why do you like doing your job as a lighting designer?
I’m a little unique in that I’m a lighting designer that works for a lighting manufacturer, Hubbell Lighting. In a given week I may work on lighting designs for a parking lot, parking garage, office building, façade lighting, or an artistic monument. Or I might be working with our team of engineers on new product development.

What trends or challenges do you observe in lighting design, especially in your region?
The dominating trend in 2020, as you would expect, is healthcare and UV lighting. The industry is beginning to see lots of new UV products hitting the market and the design requests that incorporate this technology is increasing as well. When creating a UV design there are numerous things to consider based on the type of design you are doing. Vacancy/Occupancy rates, luminaire intensity, distance to service, air volume, dosing times, and whether the product is direct, indirect or blended can all have a direct effect on the lighting design, which makes these types of applications very challenging.

Which project created/planned using LiteProDLX did you find to be the most interesting?
One of the most interesting and challenging projects I recently worked on was a large hotel in Nashville, TN that had a “floating” roof with a roof-top deck. The challenge was to create a façade lighting design that highlighted the floating roof without being obtrusive to guests occupying the space. LiteProDLX features realistic rendering capabilities so the design turned out exactly as expected and the customer was very happy with the end result.

What do you particularly like about LiteProDLX?
I personally love how easy LiteProDLX is to establish interior design projects. With the IESNA Handbook built into the software and the automatic arrangement tool, it makes creating basic designs quick and simple. The high-resolution rendering capability is another great tool that I use a lot. In my experience, the renderings LiteProDLX generates are very realistic to the end results.