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Find and filter your favorite products even faster

To make it even easier for you to access your favorite luminaires, we've come up with some new useful features for you. We have significantly simplified the visibility and access to brands for lighting designers. In the future, you will be able to add all luminaire manufacturers that are DIALux partners as your favorites. One click will take you to the manufacturer's digital catalog, website and LUMsearch, where you can search specifically for the brand's luminaires.

In addition, we have completely revised the luminaire list functionally. In the future, you can choose between three views.

Variant 1
You will be shown the manufacturer's logo, the product image and the light distribution curve.

Variant 2
Detailed view with additional technical information, e.g. luminous flux, connected load and color temperature.

Variant 3 
Graphical view with product image, product logo and light distribution curve

The filter functions of the luminaire list are practical. Sort your used luminaires by date of use (today, a week ago, a month ago, a long time ago), brand name, luminaire name, luminous flux, connected load, color temperature and mounting type. This way you can access the desired products much faster and use them in your project.

In the screenshots you can see the current state of development. There will certainly be some additional changes before the release. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.