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Emergency lighting in DIALux evo

Yes, 2021 will be the time: DIALux evo will get the emergency lighting feature with version 10. We know that many users have repeatedly asked for it. And it was hard for us to keep you waiting.

However, before we could approach this task, it was important for us to first refine the basic functions for planning light in DIALux evo.  Many users pointed out issues to us that we wanted to improve. These included a faster calculation, a more practical placement of luminaires and a more attractive and useful documentation. Our intention was to make DIALux evo even more efficient and faster to use in day-to-day business. Now we have almost completed the main challenges.

With the next major version, DIALux evo 10, we will finally be able to introduce the much-desired emergency lighting feature. We did not start out to imitate DIALux 4, but to find a better solution that works for entire buildings. Therefore, we first interviewed a group of lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers about their exact requirements and planning steps.

We are already in the midst of development: you can place and edit escape routes DIALux evo. See the screenshot below. In our current sprint we focus on the placing of emergency luminaires.


That's it for now. We will keep you posted. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. And if you want to dig a little deeper and learn about the development process behind the emergency lighting feature: watch this short video by Daniel, one of our Product Owners for DIALux.