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DIALux evo: New layout for the documentation

In lighting design it is the presentation of the project which is decisive when demonstrating results to a client. The clearer the documentation and the simpler it is to follow, the easier it is for the client to understand the decisions the lighting designer has made.

So that the lighting design can be presented even more successfully in DIALux, our developers have completely overhauled the output technology of the lighting design software for the DIALux evo 9 version. The new technology is not only more user-friendly but will enable interactive output in the documentation.

The documentation of the project will have a completely new design with a new layout. The font will be larger, and images and cover pages will be visually more attractive. In addition, those involved in the project can now present their contact details on a separate page.

The disclaimer and the imprint can also be edited individually by the user.

Furthermore, with DIALux evo 9 there will be a complete room overview in the documentation listing all the rooms with their respective luminaires and energy data, thus saving the lighting designer time because it is no longer necessary to create outputs for each individual room.

The current version, DIALux evo 8.1, is available here for download. DIALux evo 9 will be released in the middle of the year.