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DIALux evo exclusively with luminaires from DIALux Members

Until now, DIALux evo could be used with luminaires from members and non-members, but this will change from 1 March 2024. From this date, only products from our members will be available in the free version of DIALux evo.

With this decision, we want to ensure the continuous further development of DIALux evo. Our work is financed by the contributions of our 180 members. However, luminaire manufacturers who are not members and therefore do not make a contribution also benefit from the use of non-member products. This fact is unfair – especially to our members.

Our aim is to continue to improve DIALux evo and make it even more efficient. We want to achieve this by increasing the number of members. We see the restriction that the free version of DIALux only has member products as a good opportunity to achieve this goal.


New Pro feature "Unlock Non-Members”

Of course we are aware that not all luminaire manufacturers will become DIALux Members immediately. Nevertheless, we want to give you the opportunity to continue planning with all products. This is why we are introducing the new "Unlock Non-Members" feature, which allows you to use non-member products. This feature can be purchased separately and is also part of the DIALux Pro Version. If you are already working with the Pro Version, nothing will change for you.

Existing projects will not be affected by this change. Luminaires already imported from non-members can still be used in the current planning. We guarantee that a complete lighting design with the products of our members is possible without any fees. The basic functions of DIALux evo remain free of charge.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask our DIALux Community →


Questions and answers

Which versions of DIALux are affected?
The change affects all DIALux evo versions. After 1 March 2024, older versions of DIALux evo will no longer be supported by us and you will no longer be able to use them. You will need to use at least DIALux evo 12.

What happens to existing projects that use non-member products?
Your existing projects will not be affected. You can continue to work as usual with the luminaires already imported into that particular lighting design.

What do I need to do to get back to working with non-member IES/LDT files?
If you want to use luminaires from non-members in DIALux, you can either purchase the DIALux Pro version or purchase the Unlock Non-Member feature separately.

How much will the Unlock Non-Member Pro feature cost?
The feature is included in DIALux Pro at no extra cost. If you have already subscribed to the Pro version, nothing will change for you. However, you will be able to purchase it separately at a much lower unit price, depending on your region.

RegionPrice per month
Europe9,99 €
North America9,99 €
Middle East9,99 €
Oceania9,99 €
South Korea, Japan, Singapore9,99 €
Asia5,99 €
South America5,99 €
Africa5,99 €

How are membership fees and subscription revenue used?
DIAL GmbH, the company behind DIALux, reinvests 100 % of the income from membership fees and subscriptions into the development of DIALux. Read more about our business model here.

How many manufacturers finance the development of DIALux evo?
As of December 2023, we have 180 DIALux members who pay membership fees and thus participate in the development of DIALux evo. However, we know from our own data surveys that products from around 5,000 small and large manufacturers worldwide are used in DIALux evo.