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DIALux evo 12 is here, delivering an enhanced Open BIM and GLDF support

DIALux evo 12 is now available for download. This time we have focused on improving the Open BIM workflow to speed up your work significantly. Plus, you can now take advantage of GLDF support in DIALux.

Responding to the surging demand for integrated BIM processes, we've simplified Open BIM workflows. Now, import 3D building models directly into DIALux, eliminating the need for manual geometry creation. This efficiency means you can jump right into lighting design. Once done, export your planning result as a 3D lighting model (BIM / IFC), saving you significant time. This feature is part of our new DIALux Pro version (more about that below).

Optimised IFC import

We have revised our import wizard for IFC files. DIALux now displays the complete IFC structure in the form of a tree. It is even possible to select which IFC objects should be imported into DIALux. We also support a wide range of IFC types. Our goal is to import as many IFC objects as possible and display them in the scene.

As of this release, we support IFC 4.0 and IFC 4.1 formats with included geometry descriptions of version 2x3. We will also support newer IFC geometry formats in the future.

IFC Export

At the end of the design, it is possible to export your design result as a subject model into a separate IFC file. We support the IFC 2x3 file format. The file can also be compressed or saved as IFC XML for web applications. The partial model can then be seamlessly integrated into the BIM process or used as input for other Open BIM-enabled CAD programs.

DIALux Pro: The complete solution

We have combined the Pro Features Export, Layout and the brand new Open BIM into one package. From now on you can subscribe to this package for only 29.99 EUR per month and workstation. An annually subscription is also possible. With it, the beta phase for IFC Import is complete and IFC Import is now part of the Pro Version. We offer a 30 day trial period directly in DIALux. During this time, all features of the Pro Version can be tested. You have questions about this? You can find a detailed Q+A here.

GLDF import

With DIALux Evo 12.0, luminaire data can be imported in GLDF format. This new, modular luminaire data format offers a wide range of options and saves time when creating and interpreting luminaire data. Learn more here.

Further improvements

We have also worked on existing features such as room contour detection from IFC building models, the Solid Modeling library, and IFC import.

Click here to download DIALux evo 12.
We are looking forward to your feedback.