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DIALux evo 10.1: Work even easier with luminaires and brands

To start the new year, we have (among other things...) an exciting update in DIALux for you. With DIALux evo 10.1 we want to make working with luminaires and brands even easier for you. And introduce you to a new inquiry service with manufacturers.

You can work with luminaires more easily

We have completely revised the way you select brands and organize luminaires in your project. In the luminaire list, with DIALux evo 10.1, there are now three views you can choose between. We have extended the list with filtering and sorting options. This makes it easier for you to keep an overview, especially when the list gets very long. You can filter by brand here, of course, but also by mounting type, for example, which is very handy.

You always have your brands at hand

In the newly designed brand area you get an overview of all DIALux members. You can find brands from now on by specifying the product segment and a delivery region. Your favorite brands in DIALux are always at hand: You can add them to a selection that you can find everywhere in DIALux under My brands. And with another click, you can access the product catalogues or the website, depending on which data sources your My brand provides for its products.

In addition, you can now find out what's new directly in DIALux. News of your brands, such as product news or catalog updates, you will now automatically receive in the DIALux Newsfeed.


You can make inquiries about luminaires

With DIALux evo 10.1 DIALux members can offer you an additional service. You can send an inquiry to brands that offer this directly from DIALux: a general inquiry, an inquiry about a product or a non-binding price inquiry. DIALux knows the right contact person for you and sends the necessary information about the selected product. You write your request directly in DIALux, the luminaire manufacturer receives it in the form of an e-mail from us and will then contact you directly about your request via your preferred channel (e-mail, telephone, video call...). If you work with ERCO or Whitecroft products, and have a question, give the service a try.

You can now evaluate usage planes with a standard grid

With DIALux evo 10.1 it is possible to switch between the adaptive result and a result based on the standard grid (according to EN 12464-1 and -2) for working planes. Many of you have requested this function in order to be able to correct deviations in the determination of uniformity.

Download DIALux evo 10.1

One more thing... Lightshift! Today we'd like to introduce you to something brand new from us. Lightshift is our new service that brings lighting experts and clients together. Showcase your experience and skills in your profile and become visible to potential clients worldwide. Or apply quickly and easily for projects where your professional skills are in demand. Lightshift launches today and we look forward to seeing you bring it to life! Get your expert profile on today, for free as usual, of course.

We hope you enjoy our two new releases and that they make your work easier. We look forward to your feedback!