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All information about DIALux that is important for you now

From today, the free version of DIALux evo will allow you to work exclusively with luminaires from DIALux Members. Our goal is to win more manufacturers as DIALux Members. And to offer you as a lighting designer an even better DIALux. We have compiled all the latest information on the transition for you here:

We are winning more and more members

Since January we have won 90 new DIALux Members and we are currently adding more every day. Many new members acquire a Bronze Membership. For you, this means that you can download luminaire data from these manufacturers directly from their website and use it in DIALux evo. You can find a constantly updated overview here: DIALux Members.

The "DIALux Pro" and "Unlock Non-Members" subscriptions are available

With a DIALux Subscription, you can use extended functions such as IFC import and export. You can also continue to use luminaires from other manufacturers. You can find an overview of prices, discounts and functions here: DIALux Subscriptions.


The import of a luminaire from a new member fails

DIALux updates its manufacturer database in the background every time it is started. As a rule, you will not notice this and can work as normal. Due to the many new members, this update is now very extensive and is executed frequently. As a result, DIALux evo may not yet recognize a manufacturer as a member on your computer, or may only just be downloading the information, but you already want to use it. DIALux will then reject this luminaire and declare it as a non-member product.
To resolve this issue, please give DIALux evo 10 to 15 minutes after starting to download the current manufacturer database and then restart the software once. The import of the luminaire should then be working correctly.

An update to DIALux evo 12 is mandatory

As announced­, old versions of DIALux evo are no longer supported by us and you can no longer use them. With DIALux evo 11 and DIALux evo 11.1, it is no longer possible to log in with an active DIALux ID. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to continue working reliably with previous versions. As always, you can download DIALux evo 12 free of charge, the range of functions has not changed. Please update urgently to DIALux evo 12: DIALux Download.

You need to activate your "Unlock Non-Members" subscription in DIALux evo 12

To be able to use a newly purchased "Unlock Non-Members" subscription in DIALux evo 12, you must activate it once. We have created a short guide on how to do this: Activate subscription in DIALux.

Note: A "DIALux Pro" subscription is activated automatically. You don't need to do anything here.

The message "Not-yet-a-member" is displayed despite subscription

With a DIALux subscription, you can use luminaires from other manufacturers. Unfortunately, you will still see the message "Not-yet-a-member" in DIALux evo 12. We have to correct the behavior here with the upcoming version 12.1. Then the manufacturer name will be displayed correctly at this point. We will release the update shortly, subscribe to our newsletter to find out about it: DIALux Newsletter.

You can continue to work with existing DIALux evo projects

Existing projects that contain luminaires from other manufacturers are not affected by the transition. You can continue to work as usual with the luminaires already imported in this specific lighting design.

What you can do in an "emergency"

If you have not yet noticed the changeover, here is the quickest way to be able to work productively with DIALux evo again immediately:

  1. Make sure that you have installed the latest version (at least DIALux evo 12).
  2. Use the Unlock Non-Members subscription if you want to use luminaires from other manufacturers, or subscribe to DIALux Pro for even more functions
  3. As a temporary measure, you can also sign up for a 30-day trial of DIALux Pro and then decide in favor of a subscription. You can only get a trial once and only directly from within DIALux evo

We can help you with questions and problems at any time.

Frequently asked questions about the current changeover can be found here: We answer your most common questions. If you have further inquiries or encounter issues: Contact our customer support team at any time.