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Emergency Lighting with DIALux evo

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This is a online course for emergency lighting calculation according to EN 1838 with more than 80 minutes of video training. The trainer accompanies you from the inserting of the emergency calculation objects to the placing of emergency luminaires, calculation and output. You can allocate your time as you please, repeat the training videos and select topics which are important for you within the module. After each topic there is a learning check which activates the next learning video. You can also download practice material. If you have no or not much experience with DIAlux evo, you can acquire your basic knowledge in the online course DIALux evo for Beginners and DIALux evo for Advanced Learners.


—  Requirements acc. to EN 1838
—  Emergency lighting for escape routes: Positioning and
   editing of an escape route, escape route luminaires
—  Safety signs and points of emphasis
—  Positioning of calculation surfaces into staircases
—  Emergency lighting for anti-panic areas: Positioning and editing
   of anti-panic calculation surfaces, positioning and
   calculation of luminaires for anti-panic areas
—  Results and documentation of emergency lighting

Online course

Individual time management

329 EUR

We recommend basic knowledge in the use of DIALux evo

Target group
Electrical and lighting designers, lighting consultants, sales staff, electrical engineers, architects and anyone interested in normative indoor emergency lighting who already works with DIALux evo

After completion

Irina Schäfer
+49 2351 5674 407

If you have any questions, please contact Irina

+49 2351 5674 407