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DIALux evo for Advanced Learners

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Do you already have a basic knowledge of DIALux evo or have you already booked the online course DIALux evo for beginners? Then, you can deepen your knowledge with the second part of our online training in the English language. Together with the trainer you will create extensive projects with several CAD plans, buildings and floors. From integration using calculation points to renderings (ray tracing) and the import of your own luminaires. You can allocate your time as you please, repeat training units and select topics which are important to you within the module. After each topic there is a learning check which then activates the next video. There is also practice material for download.

Part 1
—  Import and adaptation of a further drawing
—  Designing a multi-storey building
—  Inserting ceiling cut-outs
—  Creating your own objects
—  Import and editing of your own textures
—  Importing 3DS models

Part 2
—  Inserting calculation surfaces and points
—  Calculation surfaces for workplaces according to EN 12464-1
—  Designating areas
—  Configuring false colours and isolines

Part 3
—  Inserting luminaires in an outdoor space
—  Spectrum processing
—  Light scenes
—  Using daylight in an indoor space

Part 4
—  Creating views and raytracing
—  Inserting texts and dimension lines
—  Configuring individual output
—  DWG export
—  IFC import

Online course

Individual time management

329 EUR

4 training units with a total of 18 videos for intensive training, exercises for download, many tips and tricks, informative and of practical relevance

Basic knowledige in DIALux evo, please download the latest version of DIALux evo

After completion

Irina Schäfer
+49 2351 5674 407

What is the scope of the online course?
The online course consists of several videos. In addition, there are various exercise materials. The video time is about approx. 200 minutes. If you work on it with concentration, you can do the whole course in 4 hours of working time relaxed on the side.

Where is the content of the online course located?
You will find the content in our virtual learning platform. You need an internet connection and an internet browser to access the content. For playing the videos we recommend headphones or a loudspeaker.

When will I get the access to the learning platform?
As soon as you book the course and complete payment directly online, you will get the access to our learning platform automatically within a few minutes to the participant's e-mail address. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you will receive an invoice from us by e-mail during our working hours. As soon as we receive the payment, you will receive the access data.

I have paid but I have not received my access data. What can I do?
Please check your spam folder. It may take a few minutes to send the log-in data. If there is no e-mail in your spam folder, you can alternatively request new access data at with your e-mail address under »Forgot your password?«.

How long can I access the content?
As soon as you start the booked online course for the first time, you can access the contents for twelve months.

Do I get a certificate after participation?
After successful completion of the online course you will receive a digital certificate on the learning platform. You can download the certificate by yourself.

If you have any questions, please contact Irina

+49 2351 5674 407