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Simple planning of staircases with zones or spaces comprising several floors

In November DIAL will be releasing DIALux evo 8.1. With this update not only will the software work faster, but there will also be many new features which make the user’s work easier. One of the innovations is planning staircases over several floors.

For the very first time the designer can now generate documentation for zones which include several floors with DIALux evo 8.1. Zones or spaces are a central concept in DIALux evo since these provide the values required for the evaluation of lighting design. For example, the results for illuminance, glare and energy consumption are evaluated.

A typical design scenario is a stairwell with several flights of stairs. If the designer wishes to document the whole stairwell as a design scenario, he can define an additional zone comprising several floors. With the new version of DIALux the designer can allocate the luminaires which are mounted in the individual floors to the whole stairwell. 


All the luminaires allocated to the whole stairwell are listed in the documentation for the stairwell. The designer receives documentation with a sketch, a list of parts and energy consumption of the zone comprising several floors.