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New on Lightshift: Get support for your work from manufacturers

It is common practice for luminaire manufacturers and wholesalers to offer consulting and other services. Whether it is the search for a special luminaire, support with a lighting design or the specification of a lighting control system: planners gladly make use of these offers on a regular basis.

But initially finding the right industry partner can cost a lot of time and energy, especially if one has not yet decided on a brand or simply does not know which manufacturer can supply the right product.

We thought: Wouldn't it be helpful if a planner could send his requirements as one enquiry directly to a pool of many specialised manufacturers in order to quickly find the right partner? And that free of charge, without obligation and anonymously?

Lightshift now offers you this service! From now on, you can not only assign jobs to freelancers, but you also have the opportunity to get support from our industry partners. And this is how it works:

You describe your requirements in form of a request, which is anonymously sent to our pool of manufacturers, which consists of the 190 DIALux members. From this pool you receive individual support offers and you can then choose via Lightshift who you would like to work with. Only your new partner will receive your contact details. You can then arrange the cooperation as you wish. Our service is free of charge for you as a planner.

To spark your imagination, here are three real-life examples:

„I have to illuminate a historic façade which is under monument protection. Therefore, I have special challenges: The luminaires have to be very compact and unobtrusive; they should have an asymmetrical light distribution and be as efficient as possible. I don't know of any manufacturer who can help me.“
Lucia, lighting designer, Barcelona

„I have a lot of experience in planning standard-compliant computer workstations and offices. Now I have the assignment to plan a school and I am supposed to implement the classrooms with different application scenarios (lecture, group work, presentation situation,...). I also lack the expertise to plan and specify a lighting control system that is influenced by daylight. I need a partner who can support me with this, so that I can complete the project with a good quality and still profitable for me.“
Horst, electrical engineer, Hamburg

„I am looking for a luminaire for my client's showroom that will match their corporate design in terms of colour. Who can offer me products in a specific RAL colour in small quantities?“
Bjarke, lighting designer, Copenhagen

How can a manufacturer support you?
Create your first request now on Free of charge,
without obligation and anonymous.