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»I am proud to be a member of the trainer network for DIALux.«

Lars Gunnar Amundsen, lighting designer from Norway, has been part of the DIALux trainer network for eight years and just joined the Academy with its courses. He gives DIALux seminars all over the country, teaches a course on architectural lighting at the University of Norway and also gives DIALux trainings in Denmark. Today he tells us about his work and explains why he is especially proud to be part of the trainer network.

Lars Gunnar Amundsen

Lars, what do you like most about your job?
My daily work takes place in a small company called AKB Lighting AS in Sande Fjord, Norway. We are distributors for well-known lighting brands and offer lighting solutions for different projects and sizes. In my job I work together with many other smart, creative people, such as architects, lighting designers, landscape architects and so on. Working in this way makes the days interesting – one day is not like the next.

As a DIALux trainer I travel around Norway a lot, which I like a lot, and meet many people who want to learn DIALux evo. It is always nice to see so many happy people discovering all the possibilities that the software offers. In every seminar I also learn something from my participants. I must say that I am proud to be a member of the trainer network for DIALux.

What trends or challenges do you observe in lighting design, especially in Scandinavia?
Well, the challenge in most projects is to meet lighting requirements in "laws and regulations". Many of the projects are designed to meet the requirements of sustainability standards. That means high lumen output at low power, with a good colour rendering index and a pleasant light colour.

Of course the climate in our region is also an issue, cold and snow in winter and heat in summer. This is a challenge when selecting the right light sources and their control gear.

What was the most interesting project you planned with DIALux?
Having worked for a company for 24 years now, I have planned many projects, but one of the most challenging is a viewpoint in Oslo, Stovnertårnet, in cooperation with the Oslo Lighting Office.

A special feature was the construction of the footpath (265 m long, 15 m high) with long and short curves and the way it rises. In this case I used DIALux evo to construct and assemble elements and to measure the length of the Led strips in the handrail, point out connection points and construct masts. The result of DIALux evo is very good compared to the final result and almost corresponds to reality. 

DIALux seminars are given all over the world. With our certified trainers you learn DIALux directly on-site and in your national language. Based on continuous training, all trainers are up to date regarding the handling of DIALux and its development. Select the suited trainer of your choice and get in touch. 

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