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Horticulture Lighting with DIALux evo

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This online course focuses on a perfect workaround for Horticulture Lighting with DIALux evo. In the current topic of "Vertical Farming", light planners need to know how different spectra and light intensities influence plant processes and how to calculate these respective required values with a light calculation software. You will get the necessary knowledge to plan your greenhouse project with the professional lighting design software DIALux evo. Learn a workaround with the help of an Excel tool to convert photometric values to photosynthetic values. Additional to the photometric file (.uld, .ies or .ldt) of the luminaire and the calculation in DIALux evo you also need the spectral distribution.

Teaching content

  • Conversion of luminous flux values F [lm] into photosynthetic photon flux values PPF Fp [μmol/ s) with the help of Excel
  • DIALux evo:
    • Selection and placement of luminaires
    • Use of calculation surfaces
    • Calculation and results overview
  • Conversion of illuminance values E [lx] into photosynthetic photon flux density values PPFD [μmol/ m²/ s] with the help of Excel


If you have any questions, please contact Irina

+49 2351 5674 407

Online course

Individual time management

179 EUR


Video tutorial
Benefit from the Excel conversion table that can be downloaded in the course

Basic knowledge of DIALux evo

Target group
Operators and planners of greenhouses, vertical farming and climate houses, lighting designers, manufacturers and all those interested in horticulture lighting

After completion, you will have the basic knowledge of greenhouse planning with DIALux evo

Irina Schäfer
+49 2351 5674 407