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When it comes to integrating your data into DIALux we will support you with our data management know-how. We offer you Fast Calc, ULD Service, IFC Service and Photometry Service.

IFC Service

   Generating files for the BIM process
Are you already using our data management system (DMS)? Great! There the relevant information for your IFC file has already been stored, such as the model, the photometry, the mounting type, weight and marketing information for a luminaire.

We can use the data already available to generate IFC files or effort to you. This also works with files which are not stored in DIAL's DMS. We can offer you a solution whereby data are generated from your systems with just one click. 


Download test file

ULD Service

   All important product data in one file
With the ULD service your product data can be generated immediately as ULD files and made available to the user. The ULD format is proprietary and used by DIALux. The service is web-based and runs on DIAL servers. It can also be used flexibly; maintenance at the manufacturer‘s premises is not required. The ULD file contains all important product information in one file:

Product information
order information, electrotechnical properties, geometrical data, etc.

Marketing information
product image, description, etc.

Photometric data
light distribution, spectra, etc.

3D models with all product features
alignment, colour channels, etc.


   Fast online calculation on your website
We developed FastCalc for the quick calculation of a simple lighting system (one room). The user can evaluate and compare products directly on your website. We display the results in your corporate identity. The product information (e.g. ULD, LDT or IES) and project properties are sent to a DIAL server. The calculation is conducted on our server, the input & results on your website.

Photometry Service

   Technical documentation of your products
   for website and catalogue

You need diagrams and technical illustrations for your product presentation? We generate different types of diagrams from your photometric data, which you can include on your website or in your catalogues. We deliver the diagrams in various image formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, EPS, Excel), depending on your requirements. We can adjust line thickness, colours, font, font size and more according to your CI. All this without any additional effort: We integrate the interface directly into your website. When the customer clicks on the button, the photometric file (LDT/IES) including settings, is sent to the API and the desired chart is returned. The API runs on a DIAL server.

We also offer a desktop tool that allows you to easily create the photometric files yourself. You can vary the above mentioned settings such as line width, color etc. from file to file. This tool is especially suitable when you need photometric data for your catalogues or product sheets in order to customize them individually.

Do you have questions or need further information?
Get in touch with us; we will gladly support you with your data management.


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