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Pro Feature Export

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With the Pro Feature Export it is possible to export your documentation into different file formats (*.ppt ,*.docx, *.xml,*.csv) with a single mouse click. You can easily edit your data in the workflow, save a lot of time and manual work.

With lighting design being your day-to-day business, you will certainly spend a lot of time creating reports, sales materials, quotations, and client presentations. Important work, but all done by hand. We want you to spend your time on good lighting, not on digital paperwork.

Create a client presentation directly from DIALux to PowerPoint

A compelling documentation and presentation is the key to winning the client. Convince with visuals that clearly and concisely present the most important facts of your work. DIALux supports you with a well-structured 16:9 template that enables you to automatically create your slides and export them to Microsoft Power Point (*.pptx). Of course, you can edit the slides later on in Power Point as usual.

Export a luminaire or room list directly from DIALux to Excel

Streamline your process and directly export a luminaire list to Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx). Add the price of the products used and create a quotation quickly and easily.

Sidenote: If you want to feed a luminaire or room lists into a database or another application you can also export them as text files (*.csv, *.xml, *.json).

Access your DIALux reports and make additions in Word

There may be rare occasions when you want to make additions to your reports and you are stuck with a PDF. With our new Pro Feature you can directly export reports from DIALux to Microsoft Word (*.docx).

Get the Pro Feature
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The Pro Feature Export is available in a monthly subscription (9,99 € plus VAT for a single license). From two license agreements on, the price is staggered. The subscription can be cancelled monthly.

Buy now or get a free trial

For whom is the Pro Feature Export interesting?
The Pro Feature Export is of interest to all lighting designers who want to further process their design results in the subsequent workflow or integrate them into other software programs. The Pro Feature Export saves you many manual work steps by allowing you to export your documentation into various file formats at the click of a mouse.

How does the Pro Feature Export work?
Once you have purchased Pro Feature Export, a dialog box appears where you can select the file format you want to export your documentation to. With one click you will get the desired result. You can then edit it further in the respective file format or insert it into other programs.

How much does the Pro Feature Export cost?
The Pro Feature Export costs 9,99 € plus VAT per month in the single license. From two license agreements on, the price is staggered. You can find detailed information here. The subscription can be cancelled monthly.

Can I try the Pro Feature free of charge?
You can take out a 14-day trial subscription once. To do this, create an account at Here you can manage your subscriptions directly. If you cancel within the specified period, you will not incur any costs. To test the Pro Feature, log in to DIALux with your e-mail address and the password of your account.

Do I have to pay to use DIALux?
No. DIALux is and remains free of charge. The concept of DIALux is that any planner in the world can use DIALux and will not feel any restrictions in their work. Planners should be able to work with data from all manufacturers and solve any lighting design problem that arises. Free of charge.