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Lightshift is your marketplace for industry support and freelancers in the lighting business

With more than 750.000 DIALux users and more than 190 DIALux members, Lightshift connects a large group of professionals and industry partners who can support each other in realising their jobs. If you need support with projects or products, or would like to support others, Lightshift offers you three options:

Find freelancers

As a busy lighting designer, you can find support for your project on Lightshift. For example, you need a 3D model to complete your lighting design? Then choose the right one from hundreds of freelancers or post a job. Get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Find freelancers

Get industry support

Use the opportunity to get support from our industry partners. You describe your requirements in form of a request, which is anonymously sent to our pool of manufacturers, which consists of the 190 DIALux members. You receive individual support offers and can then choose via Lightshift who you would like to work with.

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Become a freelancer

You can also register yourself as a freelancer and find jobs tailored to your needs. Offer your services worldwide - you decide when and where you want to work. Create your profile on Lightshift, free of charge and without obligation.

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„A great idea. Great for me as a beginner. People can join in even with little experience and even search for it and find it.“

Student Electrical Engineering, ES as freelancer on Lightshift