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»We are an innovative company that provides industry-level intelligent lighting solutions. Health, intelligence, and networking are the future of lighting, and also shape the unique DNA of Grand Canyon Intelligent Control. We take this as the direction and will lead the trend of future lighting. We will Redefine the whole process of lighting scene application and provide users with an immersive and stunning light experience beyond expectations.

The future light environment will further liberate people's hands and feel the freedom of light moving with their hearts in a humane and healthy light environment. This is the future that Grand Canyon Zhiguang is full of passion to shape.

We believe that healthy and intelligent lighting solutions will rewrite the trend of commercial lighting and industry lighting, awakening user experience needs, and the next era of lighting has come!

Focusing on the forward-looking applications of light in the field of intelligence and health, and building an intelligent ecology of light and scene applications, it is a leading company in lighting-based AI+IOT, providing professional and corporate users with one-stop, personalized and immersive labor The smart lighting solution empowers lighting through the Grand Canyon smart ecology, redefining commercial and industry-level smart lighting applications.

Start one step ahead, immediately, feel the charm of light LET'S EXPERIENCE AMAZING! «


StrongLED Smart Lighting (Cayman) Co., Ltd.

5F., No. 30, Sichuan 2nd St.
Xitun Dist., Taichung City