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» Together we define human centric Lighting!

StrongLED Smart Lighting, with over twenty years’ experience serving global lighting customers, offers the latest technology in LED lamps, luminaries, sensors, and controls. At the forefront of lighting science research, StrongLED Smart Lighting provides the most functional and controllable systems available for modern applications.

The StrongLED Smart Lighting vision has a particular focus on health and wellness, and how light affects the body and the mind. Our scientists and development engineers have joined forces to deliver light sources and controls that are sensitive to circadian rhythms, and the human emotions that respond to lighting. This approach to human-centric lighting gains traction every day with designers and specifiers to improve their work in healthcare, office, commercial, hospitality, and educational applications.

The next generation of lighting design will be driven by Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS). The interoperability of connected lighting systems will enhance the user experience, reduce disease, increase productivity, save energy, and reduce operating costs. StrongLED Smart Lighting, with its understanding of how to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), provides its customers and partners with an unmatched advantage in lighting design.

Together we define human centric Lighting! «



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