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DIALux is free and open. Two things our users love.

We believe that professional lighting design should be possible without 1.000€+ CAD-software. Anyone can download DIALux for free and use it for personal, educational, and commercial purposes.

With DIALux, we offer you a high-quality and comprehensive planning tool that provides you with all the necessary functions for professional lighting design free of charge. We know this is not common and will certainly raise some obvious questions.

How do you fund the development of DIALux?

The development of DIALux is funded by licences from luminaire manufacturers, our DIALux partners. We cooperate with all leading brands in the lighting industry. As DIALux partners, manufacturers can make their products available in DIALux and available for planning. They usually do this in the form of product catalogues and product data in ULD file format (*.uld).

Why has DIALux introduced Pro Features?

With DIALux evo 9, we have introduced extensions for special users or applications, so-called DIALux Pro Features. These allow, for example, workflows for large planning departments to be optimised by tailoring DIALux documentations 100 % to the corporate design of the company. DIALux Pro Features are very useful to a small and specific group of users. Not so much to users who run DIALux only occasionally. Hence we decided to make our Pro Features available in a monthly subscription. You pick what you need.

Do you sell my personal data to manufacturers?

Absolutely not. We know that this is a common scheme to make money these days. Our business model is simple; we sell licences to manufacturers and Pro Features to users. That are the only ways we make money. We won’t sell your personal data to anybody. Ever.

Does DIALux only allow certain file formats or products from partners?

The main purpose of DIALux is to provide the best possible support for the lighting designer in his daily work. We believe in openness and accessibility as central values of DIALux. DIALux is accessible to everyone. Whether student or professional, whether with a technical or a design background. It is available all over the world. In 25 languages, with regional and international standards included, supporting small and large manufacturers. DIALux is open to standard photometric file formats like EULUMDAT *.LDT or *.IES. With these values, DIALux has become the world market leader in lighting calculation. And a valuable and easy-to-use tool to over 750.000 planners. 

How can I support DIALux as a user?

We’re glad you‘ve asked. DIALux development takes a lot of time, money and hard work. You can support DIALux by using products and data from DIALux partners. We cooperate with all leading brands worldwide, almost 200 at this point (you can find all the latest DIALux product catalogues here). By doing so you provide important feedback to manufacturers, that they are investing into a vibrant and active planners community.