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DIALux evo Basics for Interior Lighting

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In this live webinar the basic functions of DIALux evo 11 will be explained online in a comfortable and easy way. Our professional trainers will guide you step by step through the lighting design process with DIALux evo. In four compact units of 90 minutes each, you will gain the knowledge you need to create your lighting design quickly and in accordance with standards. Learn the most important steps in project processing and benefit from being able to ask your questions directly to our experienced trainers. During the webinar, you can practise what you have learned using realistic exercises which could be downloaded.

Part 1
—  User interface of the software
—  Simple room construction
—  Utilisation profiles according to EN 12464-1
—  Reflectance of room surfaces
—  Automatic arrangement of luminaires
—  First calculation

Part 2
—  Plan import as basis for construction
—  Polygonal room construction
—  Room elements
—  Standard objects and reflection factors

Part 3
—  Photometric file formats: IES / LDT / ULD
—  Handling of catalogues from the DIALux brands
—  Import of luminaire files
—  Selection and placement of luminaires

Part 4
—  Application of different calculation surfaces
—  Calculation and results overview
—  Normative verifications (acc. EN 12464-1)
—  Compilation of the documentation


Ariane Ignazak

Lighting Designer
Dipl. – Ing. Innenarchitektur

DIAL Germany

If you have any questions, please contact Irina

+49 2351 5674 407

Live webinar

4 x 90 minutes in one day

395 EUR

Training material for download, exercises are carried out in the webinar. The webinar will be conducted via Zoom. Here you can test whether your hardware meets the requirements for participation:

Please ensure you have a stable internet connection, headset, a second monitor and webcam during the webinar

After completion

Irina Schäfer
+49 2351 5674 407