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Product performance

Products from DIALux members provide the user with better and more detailed information and are thus preferred in the design process. The product presentation is embedded in the design process.

Products in DIALux

Provide lighting designer with product information at a glance, such as ordering information, electrotechnical properties, geometric data, etc. In DIALux, users can find your products with your logo, a product photo and the light distribution.

Product data sheet

Add marketing information to your luminaires, such as product image and description or even tender information. Provide information about the photometric data of the luminaires and add the light distribution, spectra, etc.

3D model

Your products can be visualized with a detailed 3D model, including joints. Your customer receives information about luminaire alignment, color channels, etc.

HCL – light scenes

Provide all the information that are important for planning according to Human Centric Lighting for your customer.

Mounting Type

Your products automatically find the right mounting position on placement. Joints can be adjusted realistically.


The outputs – the user's project documentation – once again contain a summary of all important product information.