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DIALux membership
Subscription options, Pricing
& Leads

Memberships     What do the packages contain?     Leads

The licence with all basic functions.


25,750 €/year



Use the full scope of the DIALux Membership and bring your brand and product presentation into the focus of DIALux users.

49,475 €/year



Brand experience

Brand name & logo 
Your brand name and logo is displayed alongside your products in DIALux and in DIALux reports
Brand page
You provide detailed information about your brand and your product portfolio on your brand page


Brand selection
Your brand can be searched for by users in DIALux and they can add it to their work collection called My Brands 
Brand promotion
Your brand participates in promotion campaigns in our DIALux newsfeed sent to all 750,000 DIALux users

Welcome only

Welcome +
1x annually
Campaign in DIALux newsfeed
You can send news updates directly to your DIALux followers
Additional usage-based fee, cost per news campaign:


Learn all about brand experience here  

Product performance



Basic poduct data
Brand name, logo, basic photometric data, first LEO, basic body
Supported filetypes: .ies, .ldt or .gldf
Advanced product information
Multiple LEOs, emergency LEO, spectral information, RGBW/HCL/multichannel
Supported filetypes: .uld or .gldf
Product image
An image is displayed alongside your products in DIALux
3D model
Your products can be visualized with a detailed 3D model, including joints
Mounting type
Your products automatically find the right mounting position on placement. Nice user experience!
Learn all about product performance here  

Product access



Basic product data on your website
Provide basic data (.ies, .ldt, .gldf) directly on your website
Advanced product data on your website
Provide advanced data (*.uld) directly on your website. They contain extended information such as 3D models, product images, descriptive texts, emergency lighting functions or RGB colour channels. Users can send poducts to DIALux without handling any files at all (iDrop). Nice user experience!
Cloud access
Publish your products on LUMsearch and users can access your portfolio from DIALux
Silver product catalogue
Provide a standard online/offline catalogue for your customers, with basic search capabilities
Gold product catalogue
Provide an offline catalogue, 100% customized to your brand and with unlimited individual functions and search capabilities
Learn all about product access here  


* Optional 


Lead Generation

As an additional feature, you can buy individual leads. DIALux users can contact you directly from the software.

In order to allow you a flexible and fair graduation of your number of leads, our prices follow a volume-dependent price scale. The first 100 leads are charged at a basic price of € 25 per lead. The next 101 to 500 leads fall under the next lower level at € 20 per lead, and so on.

Example: 200 leads cost 100 × € 25 + 100 x € 20 = € 4,500

LeadCosts per lead
1. ... 100.€ 25
101. ... 500.€ 20
501. ... 1000.€ 17.50
1001. ... 5000.€ 15
5001. ... -€ 10


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