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Global Lighting Data Format (GLDF)

DIAL and Relux are working together to develop a new data format for luminaires and sensors, the Global Lighting Data Format (GLDF). This format will be used, among other applications, in the lighting design programs of both DIALux and RELUX.

GLDF is an open, free format that can be used across the entire lighting industry and meets the latest BIM process requirements. Manufacturers, planners and even software manufacturers will benefit from this new format.

Manufacturers only need to maintain and offer a single format. All processes operated by manufacturer data can access the information from the GLDF. 

Lighting Designer
Planners can find all information on a product in the GLDF. The file can be used by all programs and applications. The information is always identical, ruling out differences between different file versions.

Software Developer
Software manufacturers can find great information for their (design) programs. Manufacturers are incentivised to maintain the information and keep it up to date as they no longer need to create new formats for many different purposes. 

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Will GLDF replace other data formats such as EULUMDAT, IES etc?
The idea is NOT to replace a photometric file like EULUMDAT (LDT) or IESNA LM63 (IES) but to create an open and free to use file format that includes all necessary and relevant information about luminaires and sensors.

Current file formats are either not “good enough” for photometric calculation (e.g. ETIM) or do not include necessary information for the entire design process like in BIM (IFC, LDT, IES…). Some other file formats are also proprietary, means not usable for all software tools.

I work at a photometry laboratory, is there anything I need to be aware of regarding GLDF?
For laboratories, nothing changes yet. Photometry is a component of the GLDF. Here the photometry can be delivered in any standard format (IES, LDT, IESXML etc.).

GLDF is currently under development.
We appreciate early adopters starting to use it and welcome contributors to collaborate with us on the next version.

If you have any questions please contact
Friedrich W. Bremecker

Business Unit Director Sales
& President DIAL America

+49 2351 5674 311

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