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Brand experience

Give your brand visibility. As you are more in the spotlight, lighting designers will refer to your products as a source for their projects and have easier access to your data. You can customize your brand area with your corporate design and get in contact with your costumers directly here.

Brand page

Provide detailed information about your brand and product portfolio. With your website integrated in DIALux, you are always present and provide potential customers with all important information and easy access to your products.

Brand selection

Users can add you to their favourite brands, called My brands. Once a lighting designers is following, your products are always in their focus and always appear prominently, when they are working with DIALux.

Brand & Logo

Your brand and logo will be displayed next to your products in DIALux. The representation of your brand also includes product photos. Non-members receive neither name, nor logo, nor product photos in DIALux. There is a big difference between members and non-members.

Branded Export

Your brand and logo are displayed in the documentation with all important product information. Through the presence of your brand, you create an ever greater connection with your potential customer.


DIALux now also becomes your new publication channel. Reach out to your customers who are working with the software. It could be a product announcement, an event or other special marketing campaign. You name it.